Bob was influenced early on by his parents, his mom’s green thumb, and his dad’s love of crafting with his hands. This nurtured a growing love of nature and the satisfaction of working with his hands, Bob just didn’t know it at the time. The interplay of light and colour from his church’s stained glass panels often captured Bob’s eye as a young child. This fascination with light and colour played an important role as did his interest in rocks and crystals. What young boy didn’t have a “rock” collection growing up! Stone is so enduring and timeless. Nature is one of his favourite inspirations, be it a delicate flower, a butterfly on a branch, a trout in some reeds, an island, or a stony outcrop of rock. Time shift 40 years later and these experiences manifested themselves into his creativity by allowing him to express his love of nature thru his fusion of glass and stone.

rob-lesageBob is a non conformist with regards to traditional stained glass in that he prefers to use negative space to highlight his work. “To me the subject has to shine and not the border”. He dislikes the repetition of uniformity…Nature is randomness surrounded by curves.

What started out as a simply hobby has blossomed into a passion for sharing his vision with others. “The look of wonder on a friends face when they see my work is my personal reward.”


Robert (Bob to his friends) was born and raised in southern Manitoba and spent his early formative years as a typical farm boy surrounded by waving wheat fields, bales of alfalfa and farm chores. In ’81 seeking a temporary summer job he moved north to the Flin Flon area and has resided there ever since. He fell in love with the rugged Canadian Shield. “Trees, rock and water” in every direction one looks. It’s a view that he wishes to share with all of you. For those who have never experienced the natural beauty of our Canadian Shield his fusion of stained glass and stone is a good place to start with. Bob is self-taught and is constantly refining his craft as he journeys on seeking new inspirations. Each crafted piece is totally unique. The stone is harvested locally usually when he’s out on a hike with his wee dog. Bob enjoys the challenge of creating everyday scenes from a simple palette of glass, stone or wood.